Team Maxxis Dakar Team of Tim and Tom Coronel use Chemona for protecting the buggy against dirt and easy to clean after each leg.

The Race will start at 2/1/17 and ends 16/1/17. We wish the whole team all the best and a safe race!

''No respite… but easy does it. The backbone of the Dakar 2016 alternates difficulty and terrain. Between the contrast in relief, temperatures and surfaces, the drivers and their teams will face a real test of their adaptability and will have to re-assess their performance on a daily basis. Above all, the route will become gradually more demanding, incrementally leading them to the second part of the rally: the most demanding special sections are scheduled in this part, while the distance which has already been covered will take its toll on both drivers and their machines. Welcome to the world of extreme endurance.'' www.coroneldakar.nl



Our Philippines importer on national television last weekend.

Please see the fragment below:




Nanocoat supplies every Star Sailor in Hamburg of the product Polish & Coat.

The regatta is host by the NRV Hamburg and will visit over 100 participants from 16 nations.

Prizemoney is over 100,000 CHF, the regatta starts the 3rd of May until the 7th of May.


Follow the ragatta live on: http://city.starsailors.com/

Product: http://nanocoatinternational.com/products/25-polish-coat



The Libya Rally is, since its creation in 2008, one of the fastest growing rallies/raids in the Sahara. As the name reveals, theorigins of this rally are in Libya, the country with the highest and most beautiful dunes of Northern Africa. As a result of the war in 2011 the Khadafi regime came to an end. Although the war is over now, it is still impossible to host a large international sports event in Libya, mainly due to the negative travel advise of many European Ministries of Foreign Affairs.

Because the Libya Rally had become so much more than racing between impressive sand seas and canyons, the organisation decided to hold the event elsewhere … in excile. First came two editions in Tunisia and since 2013 the rally takes place in beautiful Morocco. 

Follow the ladies on http://www.lesgazelles.nl/



Our Philippines importer is testing Glass Coat for a new resort in Boracay, Phillipines.
The Glass Coat is applied on windows. Besides a better view from the room, the cleaning of windows will increase for this resort. 

Glass coat is a prevent protection layer for dirt and is easy to clean in the sandy and solt conditions of Boracay.



Philippines Importer distributes to contractor BMJ International products for project iHome.
The products of Chemona are used for waterproofing new houses in The Philippines.

BMJ International made an applicationvideo of the outside facade from an iHome-house.


NanoSPC is the exclusive distributor in Indonesia of the product portfolio produced and
developed by Chemona Nanocoat Technologies.


Check out their brochure for the car detailmarket. 




Our distributor in the Philippines has treated this 1100m2 glass surface with glass coat from Chemona Nanaocoat Technologies.




Meet our new distributor Nanocoat Belgium, Steven Sobrie, he is specialized in sales of glue, seal and protective products within the Belgian building sector. He closely follows latest developments and trends in the building sector and this is how he got in touch with our company during the building fair in Utrecht last year. His greatest challenge is the marketing of the 2CPerma Coat in Belgium where he sees great opportunities.

Please find Steven's new website and brochure online @ http://www.nanocoatbelgium.be









We are happy to introduce our distribution partner in Italy; Marzio De Cristofano is the General Manager of Snai Srl. who are a 30 years distributor of high quality paint products on the Italian marine market.

'Why have you chosen to cooperate with Chemona Nanocoat Technologies'  

We were looking for a reliable partner involved in nanotechnology and Chemona is this partner.

'How do you see the future cooperation evolving' 

A strong partnership and cooperation. 

'Where do think lie the greatest challenges and opportunities'  

Introduce Chemona products in the marine market at any level: shops, ports and shipyards. Any single yacht could be a potential customer and we should find the way to convince them to use Chemona products.   

Please find all contact information below 


Nanocoat Marine Italy
SNAI S.r.l.
Via Piave 39
20863 - Concorezzo Monza e Brianza

Tel: +39 039 6886119

Email: info@arasnai.it




We congratulate Team Brunel on the last in port race victory in Goteborg and the overall second place in the Volvo Ocean Race.

It was a pleasure working with you guys!


Team Brunel finished second overall in the Volvo Ocean Race after a great last run and second place from The Hague to Goteborg. 

We want to congratulate Team Brunel on this great accomplishment and look forward to our future corporation.



Team Brunel skippered by Bouwe Bekking has arrived in first place winning the 7th leg in the Volvo Ocean race this morning in Lisbon.






Great movie by 'Team Driven by Passion' the Nacra is treated with our Polish & Coat coating so they 'go fast' 


We are happy to announce that the team has qualified for the Olympics in RIO!


Find our importer exhibiting Chemona Nanocoat Technologies @ the Sea Expo in the Philippines 20-22 February stand C-9



Team Brunel together with skipper Bouwe Bekking in the Volvo Ocean Race have opted for a coating based on Nanotechnology. The interview with Bouwe Bekking about his experiences was shot during the stop-over in Sanya, China.

Interview with Bouwe Bekking


Chemona® Nanocoat Technologies is nominated for Most Innovative Product of the year 2015 together with Accasillage Difussion at the Salon Nautique International de Paris 




Chemona Nanocoat Technologies is proud to sponsor sailing Team Driven by Passion, Mandy Mulder & Coen de Koning (NED46) on their way to the Olympics 2016 in Rio.

The boat will be treated and coated with Polish & Coat, Cleaner & Conditioner to assure higher speeds on the water.

You can follow the road to Rio on their Website www.drivenbypassion.nl and Facebook www.facebook.com/drivenbypassion




Team Brunel has ended the first leg of the Volvo Ocean Race 2014-15 in third place. Skipper Bouwe Bekking and his crew took exactly 25 days and seven hours to cover the 6,487 nautical miles (approximately 12,000 kilometres) to Cape Town. 

Sail world article



Chemona Nanocoat Technologies is official supplier of Team Brunel in de Volvo Ocean Race

De boat is treated with our coatings based on Nanotechnology, Team Brunel is using our Cleaner, Polish & Coat, Conditioner, Multi Coat & Colour Protector Coat.

For more Information please visit: